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  High quality product is made by excellent corporation,
  Excellent corporation is built by superior management team,
  The management team of Fackel Machinery is enterprising and expertising,
  They lead the development of the foam machinery industry,
  They highlight the Fackel Machinery’s idea of global share
  Employees are the treasure of the corporation, who are also the creators of the valuable products.
  Superb workforce is the guarantee of competitive products.
  Fackel treats the staff with sincerity,
  We provide them with tailor-made job training, both on machinery theory and technology.
  Some trainers are come from Germany.
  On site improvement of the manufacturing is ongoing all around the year.
  All of these make Fackel’s mission of “strive for perfection, only make competitive products” more clear.
German experts monitor the quality control and
provide proficient technical guidance.
We offer tailor-made on the job training courses,
both on machinery theory and technology.
On site enhancement action is ongoing around the year. India Office